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The bookmakers here are lesser-known brands in the North American market, where you can also play casino games.

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There are 24 online casinos on the site.

All sites have a minimum welcome bonus of 100%. By adding them together, we can get a total bonus of USD 11461 (this is only the amount of the first deposit bonuses).

The amount of the 2nd, 3rd and additional deposit bonuses is 13822 USD.

The most favorable bonus wagering requirement is 25x and the least favorable is 50x. Calculated with a weighted average, the turnover obligation is 34.7x.

In terms of payout time, Mars (newly known as Katsubet) casino was the fastest with a payout time of 1 minute. All payments received within 7 hours. The average payout time is 2.7 hours.

Customer service assistance was not needed in any of the casinos.

Argo bookmaker payment

Argo bookmaker payment

We liked Argo from the start. It is an online bookmaker and casino at the same time. They offer a $50 welcome bonus for sports bettors and a $200 welcome bonus for casino players with fair wagering requirements. US residents cannot bet on the site, but Canadian residents can. The payment time is not a minute, sometimes it is delayed for days. There is also a live betting option on the site, the offer of which is the same as that of larger and more famous bookmakers. In terms of the office's reputation, it is like Google, that the best results are usually on the second or third page.

Zigzag bookmaker payment

Zigzag bookmaker payment

ZigZag Sport, as the name suggests, is an online bookmaker and casino in one. The amount of the sports bonus is not very high. Sometimes it far surpasses the odds found in other well-known bookmakers. In football, there are usually very good odds for the home team to win, but it has also happened in table tennis matches that we thought it might just be a mistake. On a weekly basis, we receive the same reload bonus as the deposit bonus, with the difference that it is 50%. It is one of the best bookmakers for us due to the -not very strict- rules regarding bonuses.

Ivi bookmaker payment

Ivi bookmaker payment

In this bookmaker, the payout time was 2 days, which is not exactly the fastest, but we were not worried for a moment that we might not receive the prize. It is the sister of Argo and Zigzag bookmakers. The sports betting bonus is 50 USD, which is good money for an average (leisure) sports bettor. It's easy to turn it around, we can look for another office and make a bet against the promised result. It's that simple. In the casino department, bonuses of several hundred euros await fans of poker, roulette, blackjack, and video slot machines.

Everum Casino payment

everum casino payment

You can choose an average or fast payment, we chose the average, but even so, the money was in our account within two hours. The list of slots that cannot be used to withdraw bonuses seems a little longer than usual, but maybe the names of the slots are written in larger letters. There are many competitions in the casino, they organize more on a daily basis, so there is a good chance that we can win some kind of prize, because in terms of the number of players, there are quite a few casinos on the market with multiples of Everum's player base.

King Billy Casino payment

King Billy Casino payment

Here, we received our payments in a minute, we requested both in ethereum and to a skrill account, both of which went through quickly without any problems. This online casino has an ample selection of games and offers many deposit methods. In the case of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash can also be used. In terms of promotions, King Billy can be called the best casino together with 7bit, because we receive bonus offers by email every two days with fair conditions, as befits a good casino. It is also one of the most correct in the field of bonus turnover, and the 35x turnover requirement, which is seen in few places, has now been reduced to 30x. The bonus must be rolled over this many times and the money can be withdrawn. Here at Botorman, we always count on complete rotation, - we don't like vague wording. In conclusion, it is one of the best casinos we use.

7bit casino payment

7bit casino payment

7bit is the sister site of Mars casino, so this online casino is also characterized by speed. The wagering requirement for the welcome bonus is 40x (the amount of the bonus) - this is very favorable. This is official data, because when we made our first deposit we had to rotate 30x, and we still don't know why. The payout time was 10 minutes to a skrill account. The characteristic here is that the email exclusive offer contains some kind of free spins, but we can also get 100% deposit bonuses. This is valid even if it is not our first deposit, because they also send a bonus code, which we only have to enter in the "Promotional code" field when starting the deposit. Here, when we played for the first time, we rolled out our welcome bonus with the Colossal Fruit Smash game, but we also helped with the Aztec Magic Deluxe game. 7bit was rightly included in the list of the best casinos. Residents of the USA are not allowed to play in this casino.



Soccer sports betting

Football is the most popular sport in sports betting circles. This is not only true for online bookmakers, in fact, this trend is perhaps even more prevalent among "old-fashioned" lottery tipsters. How many times do you hear e.g. as the "sakis" in rural lotteries analyze the expected outcome of the Crotone : Frosinone Italian Serie B soccer match. This also has its own atmosphere, for those who have not yet encountered this, it is worth going to the nearest village lottery and submitting a tip mix. For those who are more experienced in online betting circles, the question inevitably arises in such situations, why do you need to place 10 events on a betting slip, when 7 would be enough. The other thing that comes to mind is how much more advantageous these people would be if they knew about a betting type like the Asian handicap, or if they knew that a bet with a three-way outcome would worsen their chances compared to a two-way bet. A problem I've had for decades is binding restrictions. In many cases, we come across the note "this event can only be bet on threes, - or fives" hiding among the events that can be bet on the tip mix page. How bookmakers drive sports bettors into losses is definitely a method worth mentioning on the list. Of course there are worse ones. Online bookmakers promise a 100% or even higher bonus of hundreds of dollars, and they are not modest about the amount of the available bonus (and of course they are extremely proud of themselves). They present themselves as "gamer's saviors", and unfortunately many people think they are. The registration and payment are prepared to be executed super quickly, so that the inexperienced can do it as soon as possible and there is no turning back for them. While a few years ago, an online bookmaker registration required a lot of data to be entered (mother's name, social security number, place of birth, etc.), today it is enough to enter an email address and a password. The point is to have as little time as possible for thinking. The requirements of the bonuses should always be read, because we can easily put ourselves in an embarrassing situation. Those online bookmakers who expect bonuses to be rolled over in a bond are trying to lose our money. In order to enhance the atmosphere, this is usually spiced up with the fact that it can only be done in a minimum combination of three, and each choice must have a multiplier of at least 1.5. we avoid such bookmakers as much as possible if we want to play with a bonus. It makes sense to play in these offices if your goal is to win (obtain) some special competition or gift. Of course, such bookmakers will probably treat us "with a gloved hand" even then, and we should have no illusions that the payment will be easy. They will probably ask for all kinds of selfies, where we will hold our ID card next to our head, and in the background we can see our chat with the bookie. This will probably not be accepted the first 3-4 times citing poor image quality. In this case, the goal is for the bettor to get bored of his game and rather lose the amount he wants to withdraw. To summarize what has been said so far: we can't tell anyone what to do or not to do, but we don't recommend using bonuses that can only be turned over in a bind.
Back to football.
Due to its popularity, the most betting opportunities can be found for football matches. This is especially true for matches in major leagues such as the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, Serie A, or the Spanish Laliga. The bookmakers also like these matches, in which case they often reward their bettors with some kind of free bet (such as Zulabet or the Rabona bookmaker's match day free bet). Getting freebets is usually tied to some kind of requirement. We like the free bet called Sportmission of the Betclic bookmaker, where we only have to place two winning bets within a promotional period (this usually lasts from Friday to Sunday) and we have the free bet worth USD 10, which we can then use without restrictions. The two qualifying bets can be made with a bet on any sport, be it football, basketball or even esports. Both pre-match and live bets count towards the fulfillment of the qualification conditions. The only stipulation is that each qualifying bet must be at least 5 USD per tip and the minimum multiplier is 1.5. Another of our popular freebet promotions is the Bet365 bookmaker's freebet, which is mostly BL. used to perform on the occasion of rallies. Here we have to do a min. A $10 pre-kick-off bet on that match and we're rewarded with a $10 live bet. When we make the qualifying bet, we usually proceed as follows: we look for a dubious tip with a good pair of odds, the most likely incoming part of which we place at another bookmaker, then after kick-off we place the tip with a higher odds for 10 USD on Bet365. If our idea was good and our tip with a lower multiplier worked, ours is 10 USD, which can be used freely or even paid out. If there is an error in our calculation, we are in the money, and we do not incur many losses. This loss can be illustrated in the simplest way, e.g. in the case of a tennis match, the odds are not 2.00 - 2.00, if the two players are equally likely, but 1.9 - 1.9. The remaining 10% belongs to the house.
In the case of soccer, the most popular betting types are 1x2, under/over, handicap, Asian handicap, both teams will score, but we can also make many other tips. Some people swear by corners, some by penalty cards, goals, or the player who scored the goals.
Those who immerse themselves even more in the mysteries of each match also use to combine the Great Danes: the home team wins and at least 2.5 goals are scored in the match, etc.
The betting types speak for themselves, only the Asian handicap and the number of Asian goals can cause difficulties for beginner bettors. This is not a football-specific betting type, it is present in many sports.

Asian handicap options:
AH +0.0 This is equivalent to a "draw no bet" bet.
AH +0.25 If our team wins, we also win, in case of a draw, half of our bet wins, the other half's bet is returned If our team loses, we also lose (this is a +0.0 and a +0.5 bet)
AH +0.5 If our team wins or the result of the match is a draw, then we also win, if we lose, we also lose the bet.
AH +0.75 We win when our team wins or draws. If you lose by 1 goal, the bet is divided, we lose half and get the other half back.
AH +1.0 We win when our team wins the match or draws. If you lose by 1 goal, the entire bet will be returned.
AH +1.25 We get the full prize if our team wins or draws. In the event of a one-goal loss, the bet will be divided and half will be won, the other half will be returned.
AH +1.50 We win when our team wins, draws or loses by 1 goal. Otherwise, we lose the bet.
AH +1.75 We win when our team wins, draws or loses by 1 goal. If you lose by 2 goals, the bet is divided and we lose half and get the other half back.
AH +2.0 We win if our team wins the match, draws or loses by 1 goal. If our team loses by a 2-goal margin, we get the entire bet back.
AH +2.25 We win when our team wins, draws or loses by 1 goal. If you lose by 2 goals, the bet will be divided and one half will be the winner, the other half will be returned.
AH +2.50 We win when our team wins, draws or loses by less than 3 goals. Otherwise, we lose the bet.



Baseball sports betting

For baseball fans, or Based on the number of matches played in a season, sports bookmakers have a good chance of being confused by the abundance. 30 teams, 6 months, 4860 matches. An almost unbelievable number, and that's just MLB. No other sport can match baseball in this respect. Not to mention that this is only the number of matches of the main group, if we add the preseason and others, we get a much higher number. Baseball is typically the sport whose game rules, if you were to ask the entire Hungarian population, 3-4 people would be able to tell you about the rules of the game. All anyone could say is that men in tight clothes are running around on a grass field. We often bet on baseball, but the rules of the game have little to do with betting. Like the NFL, professional sports bettors also take into account the weather, which team is traveling from which distance to the match, or of course, they count on the advantages of the home field. Sports bettors who analyze a match even more thoroughly also take into account risk factors such as who is the referee in a given match. By this we mean that there are pitcher-friendly umpires and umpires with a hitting-friendly attitude, from which it is not difficult to guess in whose favor they will rule if a questionable throw is made.

What kind of betting offer baseball sports bettors can find in a bookmaker:

Moneyline betting. In the case of baseball, these bets make up a significant part of the bets. While in the NFL the difference between two teams is more pronounced, which is why handicap bets are popular, in the case of baseball the difference is not obvious. If e.g. The leader of the ranking plays 3 matches against the last place in the table, it is often observed that at least one match is won by the last place. Moreover, in this case even more perverse results can occur. This "tendency" can also be observed in football matches, even in major leagues. It's not an example that fits here, but to illustrate the point, it's enough to recall Watford's 3-goal victory over Liverpool, who were believed to be unbeatable. This happened in 2020, which is why I used this as an example, but we have encountered quite a few similar results throughout history. They are partly caused by looking down on smaller teams. Just as a personal note, we would like to add that for us, small teams are always more sympathetic, be it football, formula 1 or any other sport. There was, for example, the participation of the Rayo Vallecano football team in the Spanish LaLiga in the 2018-2019 season. I used this as an example because few people know, but the full name of the team is Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, that is, it is the same team from Madrid as Real Madrid, but it works with a much lower budget. Of course, in the case of sports betting, it would be more risky to bet on Rayo, we only wrote this because the real big things don't always mean when someone from the van achieves something, but compared to Real, you can say from scratch in this example.

Returning to the original sport and moneyline type sports bets: these are simple bets where we bet on the final outcome of the match, we have good chances of a successful bet, and we can do this for relatively good odds. Unlike the NFL, in which handicap betting dominates, this is why moneyline betting in baseball is popular even among American sports bettors. With this type of bet, it is possible to determine whether our bet will be valid even if the listed bowlers do not start. We can also specify a criterion that one pitcher must start, the other team's pitcher is not important. Bets in which the thrower doesn't matter are called "action" bets. Knowing the pitcher or just studying him superficially can be of great help, because it doesn't matter whether he's an experienced pitcher starting out or just drafted out of college. Speaking of the draft, we should know that teams choose based on their previous year's performance, and the last-ranked team always starts the selection, that is, they go backwards. Because of this, young talents can appear anywhere and at any time. According to this, the draft takes place according to the system in all sports.

Run Line betting. In baseball, this means the handicap, the advantages and disadvantages are usually -1.5 +1.5.

Under/Over bets. These usually range between 7-10. Here, too, there are interesting twists, as the teams play three matches against each other in three days. We may encounter cases where a 4-point match is followed by a 14-point match the next day. This may also depend on which of the three matches the "aces" are used in.

Bet on series. As mentioned above, the teams most often play 3 matches against each other on three consecutive days. In such cases, we can place a bet that "he will win at least two out of three"

Betting on team performance or player performance. These bets can be e.g. winning line bets or home run bets are popular among football sports bettors.

Five inning bets. These are practically the same as betting on the half-time result of a football match.

Long-term bets. We can meet this type of bet even before the start of the seasons, and we have to bet on the winner of the season. We can also do this during the season, but then we may get a much weaker multiplier for the victory of a particular team. With this type of bet, we can win good amounts, but unfortunately it takes half a year of patience to evaluate our slip, or it also entails a longer-term capital commitment, which is why not all sports bettors like this type of sports betting.

Course of the championship:

30 teams participate in the league (29 from the USA and the Canadian Toronto Blue Jays). The teams are permanent, there is no relegation or promotion system from lower divisions, as in European football.
The championship consists of two parts, namely the regular season and the play-offs
The regular season begins in early April and each team plays 162 games. For these matches approx. half are within the group, approx. a third are within the league, but there are also interleague matches, which are played against teams from the other league. 8 teams advance to the playoffs, namely the winners of the groups and one team after them per league (finishing with the best result)
The playoffs. It consists of three stages:
-first stage: the teams play 5 matches against each other, or after 3 wins they do not play any more. (the league winner is the wild card, i.e. the team with an extra entry, the other two teams against each other)
-second stage: the two league winners play each other in a series of up to seven matches.
-third stage: the league winners play each other in a series of a maximum of 7 matches. After 4 wins they do not continue the game. The team that wins is the champion of the season.