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When we talk about poker, everyone immediately thinks of Texas Hold'em, perhaps because it is the most popular and most played type of poker, but you can also find different versions in online casinos. Not everywhere, but in an average casino you can definitely try Omaha poker, or Stud, Razz, and other versions.

Texas Hold'em is the best variant for poker beginners because it is very easy to learn the rules.
How to play Texas Hold'em: Unlike traditional five-card poker, players are dealt only two cards and the dealer will place five cards in the center of the poker table during the game. Combinations must be made from the two own cards and the common cards, which are also called talons. It is not necessary to use the two own pages, if it is more favorable for us, we can also choose not to use either of them. As with other poker games, there is a mandatory bet. Before the start of each round, the first two players place their bets, these are called the Small Blind and the Big Blind. Then the deal follows, and the player sitting to the left of the big blind opens the round. On Texas Hold'em poker night, players can do the following (this applies to the player who starts the bid and the players who follow him)
1. Throw. When a player throws in his cards, he can no longer participate in further rounds.
2. Holding a stake. (this is practically equal to the sum of the big blind)
3. Raising the stake
In both Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker, the big blind also has the opportunity to raise when it's his turn, and the round continues until the players following him fold or call a raise.
The previous round is called "Pre-flop" and the "Flop" follows. Then the dealer places 3 face up cards in the middle of the table, which everyone can see and use to make their "poker hand". A bid follows.
The small blind starts the bidding and can do three things: pass, open, i.e. place the starting bet, and fold. As soon as someone makes a bet, other players can hold it, raise it, and fold their cards. Bidding continues as long as everyone holds their bet or folds their cards.
Then comes the "Turn", when the dealer places the fourth card face up. The first player still in the party starts the bidding. In the case of fixed limit Holdem, the bet is the amount equal to the big blind in the first two betting rounds, and double that amount in the next two rounds. As the name suggests, No Limit Holdem has no upper limit, which is why it is one of the most unique Holdem variations among poker players.
The next step in the poker game is the "River" when the dealer places the fifth card on the poker table.
Bidding follows, similar to the previous bid, after which the players present their cards. The winner of the poker game is the one who can put together the best combination of the seven available cards. In case of a tie, the prize will be distributed among the winners. In Texas Hold'em, the presentation starts with the last player to raise. In the absence of this, the person who opened the last bidding round. If someone's hand is worse than that of the players in front of him, he is not obliged to show his cards. - but that doesn't make much sense. It is not necessary for all games to reach the show, if no one holds a raise or opening, then the winner will be born sooner.

In terms of betting limits, the four variations of Texas Hold'em poker are as follows:
1. No Limit Texas Hold'em
2. Limit Texas Hold'em
3. Pot Limit Texas Holdem
4.  Mixed Texas Holdem

Texas Hold'em is played with a 52-card deck of French cards, meaning Jokers are not in the deck.
For us, Paradise Casino has worked best for poker and other games. This was just a comprehensive description of the most well-known and most played poker, Texas Holdem, but online casinos also have more detailed descriptions, such as presentation of poker hand values and other information.


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Roulette rules in online casinos

Roulette is a centuries-old game that has become so popular with the spread of online casinos that there is probably no person on earth who has not tried it, either in the form of a real money game or just for fun. There are two main types of roulette in casinos - whether land-based or online - European and American roulette. European-style roulette contains 37 numbers from 1-36. and a zero, while the American version also has a so-called double zero, opposite the zero. The game itself consists of a table on a green post in land-based casinos, and a roulette wheel at the end of it - it has the same appearance in online casinos. The only difference between the two types is that the standard-sized European roulette wheel is larger than its American counterpart.
1. Players buy their chips (each player gets different colors so they don't get mixed up)
2. After the purchase, the players place their bets (see below where bets can be placed and how much they pay)
3. The croupier indicates that the time for placing the dice has expired, then spins the wheel and starts the ball in the opposite direction of its rotation. The ball must make at least three rounds for the spin to count. The risk of this is zero when playing a slot machine, but it is not typical in a live casino either.

At every roulette table, it can be observed that there is a minimum and a maximum bet, this is called the table limit. Almost everyone has a "secret recipe" for roulette. Many people use strategies from famous mathematicians, such as the Martingale or the Fibonacci strategy. I mention these in relation to table limits, because the long-term result of these strategies is that players reach the table limit and cannot raise as the strategy would require. This usually happens when using the Martingale strategy. You often see websites that advertise the Martingale method as the absolute winner, but many of us can tell you that this is not the case. For us, e.g. I really liked the video where Zsolt starts the game using the martingale method, and after an hour they come back to show his huge winnings. In the end, we can't know, let's hope he was really lucky.

Where can we place our bets and how can we place our bets?
There are two main groups of stake placement, namely external and internal stakes.
The inside bets and their payout ratio are as follows (these numbers and their combinations)
straight up: we put it on a specific number 35:1
split: We place the chips between 2 numbers 17:1
street: 3 numbers next to each other 11:1
corner: 4 numbers, then we place the chips on the common corner 8:1
trio bet: The bet is placed on 0,1,2, or 00,2,3, the payout ratio 11:1
six line: We cover 2 rows next to each other 5:1
The outside bets are (these refer to the properties of the numbers)
dozen: as the name suggests, we place the chips on one of the three groups of 12 3:1
odd-even 1:1
red-black 1:1
high-low 1:1
columns: we place the chips from one of the three at the end of one of the columns 3:1
In addition to these, there are also announced stakes:
Voisins du zero: neighbors of zero (also called the big series)
Le Tiers du Cilindre: the 12 numbers at the bottom of the wheel (small series)
Les Orphelins: orphans (numbers omitted between the small and large series)

For us, Ego Casino has worked best for Roulette. Every week, the casino offers some kind of promotion by email, in addition to the many deposit bonuses.

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40 or 100 free spins depending on the deposit amount. Rules: The promotion is only valid on April 20. Minimum deposit for 40 free spins 20 EUR, 0.005 BTC, 0.2 ETH, 0.2 BCH, 0.7 LTC, 15000 DOG Minimum deposit for 100 free spins 50 EUR, 0.01 BTC, 0.5 ETH, 0.5 BCH, 1.3 LTC, 40000 DOG Free spins are are valid for the following game: Cherry Fiesta by BGaming. During one deposit, the bonus cannot be combined with other bonuses. One person can only use the offer once. Spins are awarded in one installment.

Paradise casino email promotion Apr. 22

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Bonus and Cashback: Today we are waiting for you with two wonderful bonuses. Make a deposit today and a bonus of up to EUR 100 awaits you. The bonus is 50%. If you are unlucky, you can use a cashback of up to EUR 20, which must be requested from customer service. The wagering requirement for this is only 30x (the bonus) Bonus code: COOL The promotion can only be used on April 22. Min. deposit: 20 EUR/USD, 200 NOK, 30 CAD, 85 PLN, 1,500 RUB, 35 NZD, 9,200 KZT, 2,400 JPY "Go in for the great adventure at Paradise Casino!"

The best bitcoin casinos


Bitcoin casinos is a rather comprehensive term, because nowadays most online casinos allow you to deposit with bitcoin, so the boundaries have become more and more blurred. The biggest difference is that in some casinos, after making a payment with bitcoin, the amount paid, or our balance is displayed in USD, EUR or other traditional currencies. In such a so-called bitcoin-friendly casino, a deposit process takes place as follows:

In the first step, we enter the amount you want to pay. Then, on the front page of the casino or bookmaker, the amount of bitcoins to be transferred appears on a small screen, and a BTC address to which we must send our bitcoins. In order to make the transfer easier, there is usually a copy button next to the address and amount fields. Clicking on this automatically copies the data in the fields, which is indicated by the system changing the copy key to copied. We perform this operation with the bitcoin address and the amount to be sent, that is, we actually perform a simple copy-paste operation (two to be exact) when we paste the data into our bitcoin wallet. To make this process even more convenient for online casinos and bookmakers, the data containing the details of the transfer are often displayed in the form of a QR code. Here we will see a QR code only on the screen because it contains all the data. Anyone who has a suitable tool at their disposal can use this method to simplify the transfer process even more. After starting the transfer, the amount of the transferred bitcoin will appear in the casino or bookmaker's balance in the form of a traditional currency corresponding to the current exchange rate, usually 10-30 minutes later.

In the best casinos, we can already have a separate balance of money and bitcoin, which we can refer to and make withdrawals from at will. In these cases, the bitcoin transferred to the account will not be converted into USD, EUR or other traditional currencies.

According to our observations, bitcoin first spread in the best casinos in the United States, and only then began to spread more and more in "European" casinos. And the sites running specifically under the name bitcoin casino only appeared after that. Bitcoin provides some anonymity to those who choose this method as a means of payment, which is a very advantageous feature compared to other payment methods. Of course, this does not mean that we should not register in an online casino or bookmaker and provide personal information. By relative anonymity, we mean that you do not have to provide such sensitive data as e.g. bank card details. Especially because we have to make our payments using the same method when paying by bank card. In such cases, online bookmakers and casinos often ask for a photo of the bank card in question. It is true that in this case, as written by the casino, we usually have to take the photo by covering the middle 6 digits, but the majority of people prefer to keep their bank card information to themselves.

In addition to making payments with a bank card and bitcoin, we can make payments in a number of other ways. A very obvious way for players to deposit and withdraw is to use skrill and neteller online wallets. These wallets are also suitable for many other payments, or we can also send money to another skrill account. This does not mean that we can transfer funds between our own skrill and neteller wallets. A person can have only one skrill and neteller account, just like in online casinos. However, we can transfer money from one to the other very easily between our Neteller and Skrill accounts. In the case of a deposit made from a skrill or neteller wallet, similarly to bitcoin and a bank card, we must use the same withdrawal method here. In such cases, online casinos usually ask for a snapshot or pictures (printscreen) of our skrill or neteller wallet. The plural is because we have to make one of our account data, which shows our name, address, and e-mail address, and another of the payment.

In addition to the above, paysafecard is a payment method found in all the best online casinos. If we want to make a payment using this method, we must first go to a store that sells paysafecards and buy one. The list of shops and gas stations selling paysafecard can be found on the official paysafecard website.

Ecopayz is also a very popular payment method. The only disadvantage of this is that it cannot be used as a deposit method in online casinos in all countries, or for those who prefer sports betting to bookmakers. The use of this is not prohibited by the casinos, but by the rules of ecopayz.

As you can see in the example above, online casinos, and of course their players, need to offer a variety of deposit methods. The great advantage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that they can be used by residents of any country. There are many other payment methods: Qiwi, Yandex, Webmoney - these are e.g. popular among Russian players are Zimpler, Klarna, Idebit, Instadebit, Sofort, Neosurf and many others.

Let's take as an example the deposit options of, which are very popular among players.
We have 19 payment options available in the casino: bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, tether, skrill, neteller, paysafecard, ecopayz, litecoin, visa, mastercard, klarna, neosurf, instadebit, idebit, qiwi, interac and interac-e transfer .
The casino now offers its prospective customers a very favorable 100% welcome bonus of up to 4000 EUR/USD. In addition, this bitcoin casino has a second and third deposit bonus, respectively. also offers weekend reload bonuses for existing players. In addition to the bonuses, there are also free spins, and the wagering requirements are also very favorable (we must wager the bonus amount 40x before initiating a withdrawal).

Fraud and online casinos


Online bookmakers and casinos have different licenses. The strictest is the regulation of the UKGC, i.e. the United Kingdom gambling supervision, which is why several casinos have withdrawn from the United Kingdom and are still withdrawing to this day. This authority supervises all areas of gambling in the UK: sports betting, lotteries, casinos (whether land-based or online casinos). Any online casino that does not operate with a license from the UKGC usually falls under the jurisdiction of Malta or Curacao. In these countries, the chances of finding a legal remedy if we have a problem are almost zero. The UKGC operates such an organization which deals somewhat with complaints.

Casinos and their fraud are practically as old as each other. This is a two-edged thing because frauds can occur both on the part of the casinos and the players. In the case of players, this usually manifests itself in the fact that they register several accounts for multiple use of a deposit bonus (multiaccount). Nowadays, players of online casinos and bookmakers have to go through such a strict control process when their funds or they request the withdrawal of their winnings, whether it is their own deposit or money won from a bonus, that it has practically become completely pointless to take advantage of the opportunities provided by a bonus with this method. This is also supported by the fact that there are many online casinos and bookmakers offering good bonuses, so if we were to play with bonuses every day of the year, we wouldn't have time to use them all. Nowadays, this multi-account thing has become more of a tool for casinos to have something to refer to in the event of a bigger win, if the casino doesn't want to pay it. What can the casino player do against it, or how can he defend himself against it? The answer is no way. You can send e-mails, threaten reports, but it is completely meaningless. In the case of UKGC-licensed online casinos, this is still possible, but in the case of online casinos with Maltese, Curacao or Gibraltar licenses, it is almost completely meaningless.

There are legends about how it played out and how a long process of cheating ended in the age of gangsters, when there were no online casinos. According to them, the first time the guest was asked to leave the casino and not to return. If he did not comply with this request and was caught cheating a second time, he was hit on the hand with a hammer. And if even that wasn't enough of a deterrent, in the third case, the guest could easily find himself in the Nevada desert with a spade in hand. Of course, this is probably just a legend, in any case, there weren't as many casinos then as there are today.

Fraud on the part of online casinos and bookmakers: reliability is a non-negligible aspect when reviewing online casinos, because there are people who play with big money, and an unjustified account closure or account blocking can have consequences that affect all other areas of life. We only present the best of reliable and tested online casinos on our pages, but imagine someone who is completely new to online casinos and bookmakers. You often see ads promoting a bookmaker where it is a daily occurrence to close accounts and confiscate the amounts on them, even if it does not come from a prize, but from a deposit made by the player. We look at any sports forum, site dealing with online bookmakers, casinos, the page is full of complaints about the unfair behavior of the office. The real problem is that someone who is inexperienced in the subject registers with the bookmaker, which will later cause him a big headache, which he cannot even foresee. And it is a shame for the profession that, meanwhile, the bookmaker in question is sponsoring football teams such as Barcelona, Liverpool, and Chelsea from the money confiscated from the players. Of course, you might think that this is because that bookmaker has a larger customer base, but interestingly, there are online bookmakers with the same customer base, but we have never encountered a single complaint about the bookmaker.

In the following, we will examine how a withdrawal takes place at the 1xbet bookmaker:
In the most fortunate case (which we believe is also the rarest case), we submit the documents necessary to verify our account, they are approved, and we receive our money within a short time. This is necessary so that, despite the many complaints found on the Internet, there is someone who stands up for the "good reputation" of the office. A withdrawal process works like this in every other honest and reliable bookmaker.
In a less fortunate case, the process is not so simple (this usually happens when we want to withdraw a slightly higher amount than in the previous case) The office asks us to contact him via chat and then send him a selfie with our ID card as our face next to it, and the chat conversation is visible in the background. The next event in this case is usually that we receive an e-mail in which we are told that the image is blurry, we cannot accept it, or the e-mail contains a request to send a notarized copy of documents proving our address and identity in an envelope to an address in Russia, which may not even exist. This is a good practice for 1xbet, because many people prefer to leave it all to themselves and book it as a loss.
In the most unfortunate case, what happens is that we ask for a withdrawal and our account is blocked. (this option occurs when we want to withdraw a higher amount) In such cases, they either refer to, if they refer to anything at all, that our account was hacked, why we didn't keep our password safe, or they don't talk to us at all. Of course, we understand that they have to create the money from some source that they can proudly hand over to Barcelona, but this is not the way to do it.
Thus, based on the above, everyone should consider whether to register at the 1xbet online bookmaker. Of course, this is just our individual opinion, you can try your luck, but there are other ways.