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Cryptowild casino second deposit bonus

Cryptowild Casino review, information

Cryptowild is a very nice online casino for us, which is partly due to the fact that we left it with a nice prize during our testing. If you have bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies that can be seen on the left, you should definitely try this casino. For us, its attractiveness is largely due to the fact that it welcomes existing and future customers with a great welcome bonus. We refer to the existing ones because a total of four welcome bonuses can be obtained on the site, and even the conditions of the fourth one are not worse than the first one, except that it is only 50%.
The maximum amount of each of the casino's four welcome bonuses is 1 BTC, or its equivalent in other cryptocurrencies, which is a hefty sum at the rate of 62,000 USD/BTC at the time of writing. For this reason, Cryptowild can be a perfect choice for high rollers as well.

What I really liked about the casino's welcome bonus is that instead of the 150% first bonus that goes according to the rules, we received a 200% bonus for some reason that is not yet clear, but we did not investigate the reason for this.

About the welcome bonus, we don't attach much importance to free spins, some people like them, so you should know that here they also give 150 of them for the first deposit. The turnover requirements seem high at first glance (60x turnover of the bonus), but if we take into account the size of the bonus and the time frame for turnover (30 days), we can see that we are dealing with an infinitely friendly bonus with fair conditions. We mentioned the high rollers in the analysis earlier, so it is good news for them too that the maximum bet that can be placed in one round can be up to 0.001 BTC. This is much higher than the maximum bet of 5 or even 1 EUR in many other online casinos, if we do the math.

You should know about the free spins that you get them in several installments, three to be exact, and like many other casinos, they are subject to a 40x wagering requirement. Winnings from free spin bonuses can be worth a maximum of 0.1 bitcoin, which is not a small amount at such a BTC exchange rate.

The second, third and fourth deposit bonuses do not come with free spins.

More bonuses and promotions at Cryptowild Casino

- Wild Spins
Wednesday free spins: in this promotion you can get up to 50 free spins. The number of spins here is interestingly tied to the VIP level of the players. Those with non-VIP status can get 20 spins, those with silver status 30, those with gold status 40, and those with the highest (platinum) level can get 50 spins. The only stipulation is that there must be at least one deposit in the last 30 days. The spin requirement is 40x, we have 1 month to implement this, like the welcome bonuses, and max. The amount that can be won is 0.01 BTC.

- Manic Monday Bonuses
Get a 25% bonus on your first deposit, 35% on your second and a whopping 50% on your third every Monday! The bonus conditions are roughly the same as before, but it may be useful to know that the game types count to different degrees in the rotation conditions.
These are as follows for this promotion:
Slots count 100%
Blackjack, Craps, Poker and Dice bets count 5%
Bets on Roulette and Baccarat do not count
- 50% TGIF Bonus
It's basically a reload bonus that can be earned on Fridays after our first reload of the day and is 50% off. The conditions are similar to those previously listed, only here the rotation requirement is 50x.
- Wild Cashback Bonus
Up to 35% cashback bonus every Sunday. Similar to the "Wild Spins" promotion, the percentage of the amount to be refunded is adjusted to the VIP levels. The bonus is credited on Sunday after our previous day's performance. The acquisition has different requirements for depositing, betting and losing on Saturday, which are as follows:
Minimum deposit to receive the bonus: 0,001 BTC, 0,01 ETH or BCH, 0,05 LTC, 1500 DOGECOIN, 4 USDT
Minimum loss to claim bonus: 0,001 BTC, 0,01 ETH or BCH, 0,05 LTC, 1500 DOGECOIN, 4 USDT
Minimum bet to claim the bonus: 0,001 BTC, 0,01 ETH or BCH, 0,05 LTC, 1500 DOGECOIN, 4 USDT
The prize is high, up to 0.1 bitcoin, and the spin multiplier is 5x.

Review of Cryptowild Casino

The number of slot machines is not sky-high, but those who matter are present in the casino. The payment methods are also quite limited, they can also be seen on the left side. Cryptowild is a bitcoin casino through and through, so it is not possible to deposit with traditional currencies. The image of the payment instruments on the left side has been cropped slightly for better visibility. The continuation of the inscription "Buy Bitcoin with..." on the top line means that the casino has a contract with a company called OObit in order to be able to buy BTC. This gives you the opportunity to buy bitcoins with a bank card. Today, buying, exchanging and transferring BTC is not as simple a process as it was a few years ago, and this is a very frustrating comment for us. Let's say this because we used to do the activities just mentioned, but we didn't find any joy in them recently. "Bitcoin exchanges" bills of exchange, wallets ask for all kinds of income certificates and other documents, for example declarations that our bitcoins do not come from crime.

In contrast to the above, we would like to mention that the payout at Cryptowild was surprisingly simple and fast. The money arrived within a day, but when I checked the status of my submitted documents, they were still in "pending" status. By the way, this was just an ID photo and a photo of a water bill, nothing else unnecessary.

The bonuses are extremely good and the payout is easy, anyone with cryptocoins should definitely give this casino a try. It's a pleasure to play!