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Cleopatra opened its doors in 2017. The casino has a Curacao license. It is operated by the popular Dama N. V. company group.
Slot machines from all major software companies and many smaller manufacturers can be found in the casino. We can play games from a total of 33 service providers in this online casino, which also shows that the casino strives to meet all the needs of the player audience. In addition to games from Netent, Betsoft, Yggdrasil and many other big manufacturers, you can also find games from Playreels, Leapgaming and other lesser-known software manufacturers.

The casino is not available to US residents due to legal regulations, but Canadian residents can play in the casino. Of course, Cleopatra is available in English.

Currencies that can be used in the casino: Bitcoins  EUR  GBP  USD  NOK  CNY  RUB  AUD  CAD
We have several deposit tools available, including popular ones skrill, neteller and mastercard. The full list is on the left can be viewed.

As you can see, the casino follows today's trends, and bitcoin can also be used in the casino.

Cleopatra Casino has a special Egyptian design. Thanks to the perfect design, as soon as we start playing and get more and more into it, the casino will soon take us back to the age of the pharaohs. The choice of name was probably inspired by Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, who lived in B.C. VII reigned from 51 until his death. named Cleopatra. Cleopatra is one of the most famous figures in history, one of her children was fathered by Julius Caesar, and the other three were fathered by Marcus Antonius. He was the co-ruler of his father, brothers, and then his son XV. to Ptolemy. When the Romans under the leadership of Octavian occupied Egypt, Cleopatra committed suicide, and the Romans killed her son, who was elected king. These events ended the age of the pharaohs in Egypt. Numerous literary works, films, and operas deal with Cleopatra, her relationship with Caesar, and then with Antony, and we also have plenty of slot machines available on the subject.

Cleopatra Casino Bonuses:

Bonuses give you an extra boost and help increase your chances of winning more. It should be noted that, like other online casinos, there are wagering requirements for the bonuses, but they are quite fair (bonus amount 35x) - the casino does not seek to win the amount paid. We can easily track where we are by rolling out our current bonus under the menu item "my account-bonuses". The bonus will appear automatically on our account if we request it during the deposit, we do not need to do anything extra (such as requesting from customer service.)

Bonus system:
1st deposit 100% bonus
2nd deposit 50% bonus
3rd deposit 50% bonus
In addition, various competitions and daily reload bonuses are also available. The daily reload bonus is 20% and 30% on weekends, but the maximum amount limits are high like other bonuses. These bonuses are subject to the same wagering requirements as welcome bonuses.

Payments are usually made on the same day the payment request is submitted. It usually only takes a few hours for the payment.

Cleopatra Casino Slot machines:

According to statistics, the Highlander slot from Microgaming, which promises 243 winning opportunities, is very popular in the Cleopatra online casino. The game was inspired by the 1986 American film Highlander, directed by Russel Mulcahy. The film was produced by Peter S. Davis and written by Gregory Widen. The main characters of the film are Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, the composer is Michael Kamen. The film was produced by EMI Films and distributed by 20th Century Fox. In Hungarian cinemas, the film was shown for the first time in January 1989 with subtitles under the title Mountain Dweller, and then two more dubbed versions of the film were made in 1991 and 2000. The film was a great success (the theme song Princes of the Universe - sung by Queen - is still a popular hit today). According to the plot of the film, Scottish Connor Macleod (Christopher Lambert), born in 1518, received a fatal wound in a battle, but as it turned out later, he is immortal. His master Juan Ramírez (Sean Connery), who suffered a fatal injury in the ancient one-shot in 851 BC, tells MacLeod that in the end only one of the immortals can remain. The final battle takes place in 1985 in New York, where the main character triumphs, of course.
Back to the slot machine, Highlander is a game consisting of 5 reels and 3 lines, the symbols of which are Lambert in several forms, his wife also in several forms, the usual card symbols, wild symbol, scatter symbol, of which, if 3 are collected, you get free spins. The game has an RTP of 96.23%.

Another popular slot machine in the casino is the EGT game, The story of Alexander, which was released at the end of 2016, and which takes us back to the time of the well-known Alexander the Great. It is a 50-line slot machine, the exact RTP index of which is unfortunately not known, and it has a medium rating from the point of view of volatility. The layout is 5x4, that is, the game consists of 5 reels and 4 rows. The interesting thing about the game is that here the value of the coin does not have to be set in advance, but can be chosen on the spot, or we can vary. 50 - 100 - 250 - 500 - 1000 are the choices. This game is preferred by those who play with larger amounts, if for no other reason, but because of the 50 paylines, it is a bit expensive, not the typical Starburst, etc. typically 0.1 EUR. The wild and scatter symbols are also present in the game, so we have the opportunity to get free spins. What's more, to increase the excitement, here we also have the opportunity to play the well-known doubling game at Endorphina slots, where you just have to choose the right card color. Unfortunately, this option has the disadvantage that in 50% of cases we are left without a prize.
Alexander the Great (known as Alexander III) was a Macedonian king and general from 356 BC to 323 BC. In his youth, he was tutored by Aristotle, and since he was asked to do so by the then ruler (Alexander's father, Philippos), when he accepted his offer, he asked for the reconstruction of his destroyed native village in return. His reign was 9 years, but during this time he conquered huge territories. As we can see, he died young, he was only 32 years old. His name is associated with events such as the Balkan campaign, the conquest of Persia and Palestine, the occupation of Egypt, and the Indian campaign. He died in Babylon, probably of malaria aggravated by pneumonia. After that, power struggles began in the huge empire, which resulted in its falling into pieces.