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The Booming Story

Not much can be known about this manufacturer, it does not provide much information about itself even on its official website. On the other hand, we can say that it is a young "team" founded in 2014, which is far behind in size, for example, Netent, but in terms of the quality of the games it competes with its larger and more famous peers. They have more than 170 games, including Big Apple Wins with simple graphics and Gunspinner, which is rich in attractions. As a personal experience, we can say that we like their games because of their transparency, simplicity, and great hitting speed. The background music is also apt, but after a while most players turn it off, but this is not only a finding for booming machines. The casino games are entirely "designed in-house" and made in HTML5, so they can be run on both desktop and mobile devices. When playing in online casinos, or if we want to "try" before, on Booming's official website, we quickly realize that the games contain many innovative functions. Such as interactive symbols or multi-directional paylines, to name just a couple of the more well-known ones.

What does Booming offer operators? Full Back Office service. This back office provides operators with a transparent overview of Booming Games' active player activity. We often come across bonus spin campaigns in casinos, which can be played on the company's products.

What I really like about the company's official website: You can get information about volatility and RTP on Booming's machines, for example. on the YggDrasil page, but the user guide can be called up by clicking on the "I" icon indicating the information of the games. In any case, this clearly explains all the functions, symbols, winning options, or even the setting options for automatic spins, covering even the smallest details. All games can be tried on the company's official website. By clicking on the menu item "Our Games" in the upper right corner, the games will be loaded, and a popup will appear in which we must confirm that we are over 18 years old. Of course, if we have not reached the age of 18, we must click on "No, I am under 18"! Then we can start the test game. In doing so, we can usually start the game with 10,000 virtual money, and we can also set the bet to the bet we will use in real money. After that, we can test several times what, for example, 1000 spins will result in, but everyone can adjust this to their own playing style. In addition, most online casinos offer the opportunity to try the games in demo mode.

Popular games in online casinos from the Booming palette

Sugar Skulls
This is a video slot with an RTP of 95.93, on which our bet can range from 0.2 EUR to 400 EUR, and the maximum prize is 160,000 EUR. In the Betclic bookmaker, more precisely in its casino department, for example, you can play this game with a bet of HUF 4, which is really fun for those who really only spin the machines for the gaming experience. As the name suggests, this is a skull-themed game with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. Unlike many other games, the number of paylines here is always 20, it cannot be changed. The amount of the bet can be changed, in which case the prize amounts on the winning table are also changed. In terms of symbols, the Wild is the most valuable, followed by purple, red, blue and green skulls. Card symbols that do not promise big wins are also present in this game. Only the symbols appearing on the paylines count from left to right, of which at least three must be the same, or wilds can replace the symbols.
We can expect a big prize in two ways:
-Scatter: you need three of them to get 10 free spins. They can only appear on the first, third and fifth reels. We observed that if the first and third have already come in, the fourth wheel is also spun as if a scatter symbol were to be expected there, but this surely only serves to increase the excitement. During the free spins, only skulls and wilds come, card symbols do not harm our chances of winning. Despite this, it is possible that we will not be able to collect a large amount. The winning symbols come in units of two or three, which improves our chances of winning. Additional free spins cannot be won during free spins.
-Random Fiesta Award: This can appear at any time and will multiply your bet with a multiplier of 10x, 25x or 100x in case of a winning spin. This can only be activated during the base game.

Gunspinner is a unique game in online casinos. Of course, we can find a good number of games with a Wild West theme from both small and large providers, but the unique ideas make Gunspinner stand out from the rest. In terms of symbols, we don't find anything special, the usual card symbols, pistol, star, whiskey, money bag, gold bar... There is shooting, knife throwing, which is also nothing new. However, when we start playing and the cowboy waiting on the left first lights the string of dynamite sticks in his hand, it is an ingenious solution. Not to mention when you drop these on the middle reel and the explosion results in wild symbols. The background is a well-developed street of a Wild West town, and the background music is in the style of music known from western films. The slot machine has a simple structure with 5 reels and 3 rows, which includes 20 paylines. Similar to several Booming Games machines (including the Sugar Skulls mentioned above), Gunspinner has a non-modifiable payline number, so you must play on 20 paylines with the bet you want.
What features help you win big?
-3 scatters (stars) result in 10 free spins
-wild, wildx2

Colossal Fruit Smash
We really like this game because of its nice graphics. We were running this in some online casino and while we were thinking that we should go to the store for some fruit. The symbols are amazing as they attract players with fresh fruits. Another reason we like Colossal Fruit Smash is that we once managed to blow up a bank using the golden strawberry. Unfortunately, we played with the lowest stake, so we didn't manage to win millions. Like the previous two, this is a 5x3 game with a fixed 20 paylines. A win is achieved if we manage to catch at least 3 identical symbols on a line. Wilds can also be found here, and an amusing phenomenon is the scattering of golden strawberries. If we succeed in spinning the Colossal Fruit Smash symbol on the 3rd reel, we get a re-spin, which is also announced with a Re-Spin shout. Unfortunately, the Colossal Fruit Smash symbol that results in a Re-Spin can only be caught on the middle reel. When re-spinning, the middle reels merge and we meet big fruits, which increases our winning chances. Sometimes you can catch a joker that pops up from a box on the left or right side, this replaces all symbols.

Those who want fresh fruit, but don't have any in the fridge, should try Colossal Fruit Smash in one of the online casinos - of course, only if they are over 18 years old. This thought came to me because when I play this game I always get hungry for some kind of fruit.