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Fezbet online bookmaker

canada Bonus 100% (maximum 100 USD) sports betting
       Bonus 100% (maximum 500 USD) casino

The Fezbet bookmaker and online casino is very similar to Sportaza, and unfortunately US citizens are not allowed to visit either, but Canadian residents are welcome by the owners. Here, too, players are welcomed with numerous bonus and freebet offers in both the sports betting and casino sections. We consider freebet offers that are 50% or 100% to be the most favorable, and their amount is often even more than 100 USD. If you win with it, you have to spin the prize 3x at minimum odds of 1.5, but this really shouldn't be a problem. The amount of the sports betting welcome bonus can be a maximum of 100 USD, depending on where you live, the turnover requirement for this is x12 most often, but this can also be called fair, especially if we consider that we have 1 month to fulfill it. There are also Acca type bonuses, we personally don't like them that much, but some people like this type as well. The sports betting site Zet, shown above, has bonuses and freebets very similar to Fezbet, which recently added sports betting to its offer in addition to casino games. On both sides, we can make withdrawals and deposits with cryptocoins, in addition to Skrill, Mastercard and others.

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Gunsbet sports betting

canada Bonus sports betting: variable
       Bonus 100% (maximum 300 USD) casino

Gunsbet bookmaker and online casino Dama N.V. is very popular among gamblers. is owned by a group of companies. It opened its doors to players in 2017, first only as a casino, then in 2021 it added sports betting to its offer. We ourselves have returned to Gunsbet casino several times, mostly because of the favorable bonuses. Like many other casinos operated by Dama N.V., the wagering requirement for the welcome bonus is x40, which can be said to be favorable. We have left the casino with nice prizes several times, but we do not yet have much experience in sports betting here. We have already compared the odds with those of other sports betting sites quite a few times and found them sympathetic in several sports. The sports betting bonuses themselves didn't really impress us that much, but we like the odds. Just as an interesting point of interest, we should mention that on one occasion we turned the casino bonus entirely on the Motörhead game of the software provider Netent with a nice profit. For this purpose, we often use this slot in other online casinos in combination with one or two other games, such as Aztec Magic Deluxe with low stakes.

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    Sportaza sports betting

    canada Bonus 100% (maximum 100 USD) sports betting
           Bonus 100% (maximum 500 USD) casino

    This bookmaker, which is also a casino, cannot be used by US citizens, but Canadians can, and according to surveys, they use it with great pleasure. We ourselves like to play at this bookmaker because of the extremely favorable promotions. As soon as you go to the home page, you can see the diversity of bonuses and freebets. Countless sports are covered by some kind of freebet action, from table tennis to baseball. These are often 50% freebet offers, but we can often come across 100% offers as well. If we win our prize with one of the free bets, we then have to roll it 3 more times, but we have a whole month to do so, so it can seem like child's play. I really like the fact that we can collect points at the Sportaza bookmaker, and we can do this not only on casino games, but also with sports betting, we have a lot of opportunities to earn loyalty points. We also have a shop for spending our points to buy additional bonuses and freebets, but we can also use them to collect so-called football cards and teams. In the period before Christmas, there is often a prize calendar in the casino and in the sports betting section, where favorable bonuses and free bets can also be won.

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    Best sports promotions USA:

    Betonline Sport

    Bonus 50% (maximum 1000 USD) sport
           Bonus 100% casino

    Best promotions CANADA:

    fezbet betting site

    Bonus 100% (maximum 100 USD) sport
           Bonus 100% (maximum 500 USD) casino

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    Odds for online bookmakers

    Many praise e.g. the 1xbet bookmaker, because of its good multipliers, let's see a comparison
    Belarusian 1.Liga   Naftan vs. Gomel
    The 1xbet multipliers look like this:  H 1.65   X 4.06   A 4.28
    Zigzag bookmaker odds:   H 1.79   X 3.7   A 4.05
    According to our observations, Zigzag usually offers the best odds on the market for the home team to win football matches. In other sports, we have already experienced multipliers that perfectly satisfy the needs of even an arbitage bettor. We receive promotional emails with favorable offers on a weekly basis. Zigzag is a bookmaker and casino in one, just like its sister sites shown above.
    One more piece of information about our sports betting habits: approx. We have been dealing with sports betting for 20 years, we have played in more than 40 bookmakers, 1xbet is not among them, and it never will be. The reason: many complaints about payments.

    If the tasks had to be summarized in one sentence, it would look like this:
    Bonus: You have to claim it in two bookmakers and make opposing tips, so the amount of one bonus remains at the end of the rotation.
    Freebet: you have to switch to another bookmaker, and there it becomes real money.

    Anyone reading the article must have already thought about how it could be solved so that the amount of the Sports Betting Bonus (welcome bonus or top-up bonus) remains, but is also rotated, as many times as the rotation obligation is required at the particular bookmaker. This is usually defined so that we do not benefit from the bonus. For example, if we place matches with odds of 1.9 in the blind, and half of the bets win and half lose, this way we get to the point where there is nothing left of the bonus in the case of a 10-12x turnover requirement, or we even have some losses. This method is fired. Some people follow the bonus wagering requirements in an exemplary way, but many people want to do the rotation in some mathematical or semi-mathematical way, but at least somewhat automated.

    In such cases, the method of placing bets against each other comes into play, that is, we bet on a match in such a way that whatever the outcome of the given event ends, it does not matter to us. This cannot be done specifically in the specific bookmaker, because sooner or later it will end with the bonus and previous winnings being deleted. (in case of luck) Experienced players who like to play with bonuses solve this by using a bonus from another online bookmaker. Then they will not have the amount of both bonuses, but one of them will, because during the rotation, their bonus in both offices expires, and the amount of profit generated in one covers the loss of $1 per $10. The original goal is fulfilled, because the amount of the originally desired bonus belongs to the player, he can withdraw it at any time and invest it in another bonus.

    In contrast to the described method, there are actually techniques based on mathematics, which can be used mostly in casino games, - among them, roulette. If nothing else, their name guarantees that they are based on mathematics. Unfortunately, success is nowhere near as guaranteed. These methods are not for playing around with unconditional bonuses, they can also be used for bets made with your own money.

    The martingale method: Martingale was a mathematician who lived in the 18th century, and the method itself is based on the law of large numbers, that sooner or later a favorable result for the player will occur. The use of the method will not be detailed, because you can read many articles about it on the Internet. The process of using this method is usually that sooner or later a long streak comes out of something, and either the player can no longer double the bet, or the table limit is reached. This method can also be used in online bookmakers, namely by always betting on the victory of the home team approx. On events with odds of 2.00, and if we lose, we double our bet until we get the desired result. In the short term, this will probably be successful, but the end is the same as with roulette.

    D'Alembert strategy, which is most often used in roulette, but can also be used in online bookmakers if you want to place bets according to a certain system. This strategy basically means that when we win, we decrease by one unit, and when we lose, we increase our bets by one unit. The basic idea is that the earlier we lost, the more likely we are to win in the next round.

    The Fibonacci strategy: here, we proceed according to a predetermined sequence of numbers when making our bets or, in the case of online bookmakers, when making our tips. This sequence of numbers looks like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 34, 55... As you can see, the next number is always the sum of the previous two numbers, with a bet of some size next to it we order. The advantage of this strategy is that we can get more profit at the same time.

    Email promotion from Zigzag sports betting office:
    Zigzag betting site email bonus
    It was a 50% deposit bonus up to 50USD and a 50% cashback up to 15USD. We wanted to make 15 USD of real money from the cashback using the failover method described above, but unfortunately it didn't work out. We bet on a darts match, namely by betting on the underdog here with 30 USD, and in another bookmaker we bet on the underdog with 35.6 USD. In this case, we didn't win, because the underdog in Zigzag won, but we didn't lose either, because the money bet in the other bookmaker was thus transferred to our balance in Zigzag bookmaker. We would have won the $15 if the better player had won the match.
    In these cases, when we want to transfer the money somewhere, we have to calculate the amount to bet there according to the following formula:
    In the match above, the odds for the odds were 1.72, the odds were 2.04 for the underdogs, and we had to bet $30 to get $15.
    30 USD x 2.04 /1.72 =35.6 USD
    If we wanted to be sure, then e.g. we would have bet on a player with odds of 2.9 here, and on his opponent in the other office. We hope it will arrive next week. Until then, there's the €50 bonus so we don't get bored.