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The history of Betsoft

Betsoft games are known to everyone who has ever visited an online casino. The wonderful graphics and the sophistication of the slot machines attract the eye and encourage you to play. For us, there is one exception to these, namely Fruit Zen. The fact that the company's products can also be found in the offer of "American" casinos increases public awareness. Sometimes, of course, you can really hate the games, because it happens that even a game with low volatility doesn't work out.

The software manufacturer entered the iGaming market in 2006, and has since won numerous awards and recognitions. It is enough to mention only the most recent ones, and it already becomes obvious where to place the manufacturer in the industry. Numerous 5Star recognitions, G2E-Asia Awards, Migea Malta iGaming Excellence Awards. The excellent quality is guaranteed by the fact that the company employs many engineers, account managers, software developers, game designers, graphic designers, 3D animators and marketing specialists. In addition to great 3D games, they also offer a fully functional casino management platform. Betsoft went through countless authorization and certification procedures, but it was not in vain, because it can boast a stable online casino customer base both in Europe and America.

The ultimate goal. This is usually a temporary concept, because new ultimate goals always appear in parallel with the development of technology. Betsoft's current goal is to increase customer profitability by developing products and services.

Who are really behind Betsoft and what kind of service do they offer? Betsoft is built to provide an unparalleled experience for online casino players and a seamless experience for casino operators. There are many game developers all over the world working to create the best games, and based on experience, they are doing it extremely successfully. In addition, all departments of the development team, including those working on quality assurance, manager marketing and customer service staff, strive for excellence. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff working here are specially trained professionals who answer the usual and more complex questions that arise. Examples include quick troubleshooting and deleting wallet transactions if needed. Or we could mention the confirmation of victories, the compilation of the data history, or also the examination of the data logs. Market Services: A team of marketing professionals is always available to promote operators in growing their business and customer engagement. All industry-leading games are supported by a full set of graphics tools to create ad campaigns across a variety of mediums, including social media, email campaigns and websites. In addition to individual art packages, it is also possible to create unique campaigns with special tools. An extremely important group is the technical support department, whose responsibilities we can imagine ourselves.

Popular video slots in online casinos from Betsoft.

Treasure Room
Sportingbet's site for European players, Sportingbull, previously had free spins promotions for this game. We ourselves really liked this promotion, because we usually left the game with a nice prize, which, let's be honest, is not a very common case for free spin promotions. When we saw that there was such a sale, we were already happy that there would be a prize. The fact that the Treasure Room spins are of great value also contributed to this. Sportingbull is an interesting bookmaker, not exactly famous for its high odds. However, in terms of promotions, it is almost unbeatable due to the constant better offers and competitions, so those who like these should try it. For example, we often win a free bet on toto, the only drawback of which is that a minimum bet of 5 EUR must be made to submit a ticket. This expectation is not difficult to overcome, we solve it by selecting an event that will end in a few seconds and betting on the oddsmaker, since live bets also count. These are usually tennis matches with odds of 1.1. In the case of such low odds, it is rare, but unfortunately, a loss can also occur, which can be very painful, but with live bets, we tend to get out of the situation well. If we play in the office anyway, we don't even have to worry about the 5 EUR bet. Our favorite promotions have always been the challenges, both in the casino and in sports. The final winnings of these usually add up to a nice amount. Since we didn't play continuously in the office, there was a case when, unfortunately, the "competition was going on" for 3 days, and we only found out about it then. This was not yet an insurmountable error, because everyone received such a discount that if they missed 5 days, they were not excluded from the competition (these days were the so-called jokers). On the other hand, during the first endurance, we were quite surprised at how few people started it, or they finish the game. We expected a crowd of several thousand, but there were only a few hundred participants, despite the fact that Expekt and Sportingbet players were included in the participants. During the second endurance, of course, we were no longer surprised, and since a fixed prize fund or free spins were distributed, we were not very sorry about the few participants. The third sports betting bonus of the Sportingbull bookmaker is a free bet every day. To obtain this, we have to place collective bets with a multiplier of at least 1.5 per tip. In order to win the highest value free bet, however, we have to bet with a higher value.
Casino promotion in Sportingbull is currently available "up to 100 free spins per day". Free spins can be used on Betsoft slots, most often on Treasure Room. The number of spins is determined by the sum of the bets made on any slot machine the previous day. Calculation of points: amount spent 10 EUR = 1 point. The Treasure Room game is not the most beautiful slot machine in the world in terms of graphics, but it is popular in online casinos due to its simplicity and transparency.

Safari Sam 2
In April 2021, Safari Sam 2 arrived in online casinos. This is a 5-reel, 50-payline game with an RTP of 96.3%. It's time to pack your bags and go on an expedition with Sam and Pam to the wild regions of the savannah, says Betsoft about the game. And that's right, because there are many ways to win in this beautifully designed game.
  • You win if 3 identical symbols appear on a reel. These collapse, new ones come in their place, with which we can achieve additional prizes. Symbol stacks are repeated until a new symbol stack is formed.
  • Compass Wilds. The compass symbol in the game is the Wild and can substitute for anything except the acacia tree symbol.
  • The word of the wild. This means that we can fill up to four dials with compasses.
  • A free game can result if at least 3 acacia trees come together. 3 acacia trees trigger 7 free games, 4 acacia trees 12, and 5 20. During the free games, the word of the wild always sounds, so the reels can be filled with compasses, up to 4. in free games, instead of safari symbol piles, wilds always come.
Supported platforms: desktop, android, iOS
Maximum exposure (win): €50,500 (505 x Maximum bet)

Take Olympus
This fast-flowing 5-reel game with 50 paylines takes us into the story of the Greek gods. We can also meet 4 gods, namely Apollo, Poseidon, Hades and Aphrodite. Of course, we won't have to miss Zeus either, but that's almost self-evident. The course of the game is unique, because the spins are divided into 10 cycles, and after the tenth spin, the power of a new god takes effect.
These are:
  • Apollo is the god of archery, music, poetry, divination, dance, the arts, colonization and more. Arrows Wild symbols.
  • Poseidon and Harpoon give free spins.
  • Hades is the god of the underworld, the lord of the dead. He and his beast give multipliers.
  • Aphrodite and her leaves reveal mysterious symbols.
  • Zeus is the God of Wild and Free Spins as Betsoft calls it.
Main features:
RTP index of the game: 95.49%
Maximum exposure (Maximum prize) €93120 (2328 x maximum stake)
Supported platforms: Desktop (HTML5), Mobile (iOS, Android)

As you can see, everything is in the game, wilds, multipliers and more. Go to Olympus!